What Does Rent A Car Insurance Cover?

Rent A Car insurance coverage is very valuable in terms of preventing both financial and moral losses of the consumer in case of an accident. Coverages that vary according to the policy also affect Rent A Car insurance prices. So, what does Rent A Car insurance cover? Rent A Car insurance provides assurance against the following situations in general terms.

- Accident

- Combustion and explosion

- Theft

- Natural disaster

- Multiplication, multiplication

- Pertness

- Optional financial liability (IMM)

- Roadside assistance

- Tow Service

What are the conditions for renting a car? 

- People between the ages of 19-21 and who have a driver's license for 1 year can rent a car from the economic group by paying the Young Driver fee.

- In order to rent vehicles in the comfort segment, you must be at least 23 years old and have a driver's license for 2 years.

- In order to rent luxury segment vehicles, you must be at least 27 years old and have a driver's license for 3 years. Young Driver is not applicable for luxury segment vehicles.

One Way Fares

In case the vehicle is picked up in one city and returned to another city, the one-way fee stipulated by CARNET RENT A CAR is applied. Fare information varies on office basis and can be seen at the reservation stage. You can get detailed information by calling our Reservation Center.

ULTRA ASSURANCE INSURANCE covers up to 15000 TL for unilateral damage cases where it is not possible to issue a report or keep a report, such as body damage or 1 glass damage or 2 tire damage. Your driving pleasure in traffic remains with you; damages are secured. Up to 5000 TL; Thanks to the Ultra Assurance service, which includes IMMG, Personal Accident, Interior, Glass-Headlight-Mirror and Damage Monitoring assurances, you will continue your journey more confidently at the wheel and safer than ever.

What is Delivery to Address?
Delivery to the address in car rental service is a way to save time. Instead of going to a car rental office, CARNET RENT A CAR brings the car you rented from CARNET RENT A CAR to your doorstep. All you need to do is make a reservation by selecting the delivery service from your phone or computer and have your car delivered to you.

If you want to experience comfort in renting, you can also benefit from the privileges of CARNET RENT A CAR with the address delivery option. Choose the Delivery to Address heading among the additional products we offer and save your time.

Remember! Delivery to the address service is provided according to availability for vehicles to be delivered during branch working hours. Our relevant branch personnel will call and inform you for the final confirmation of our Vehicle Delivery service.

What is Vehicle Damage Tracking?

In case of a damage caused by you in the vehicle you rented, the fee requested from you while delivering the vehicle is called vehicle damage tracking service fee. Your rented vehicle may be damaged as a result of carelessness and accident. No matter how careful you are in traffic, traffic accidents may occur due to the carelessness of other drivers and unfavorable conditions. The size of traffic accidents can be small or large. Each accident has material and moral damages. While traffic accidents endanger your life and health, they also adversely affect your vehicle.
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